Regenesis is the recognized reserve study provider in the Pacific Northwest and a member of Association of Professional Reserve Analysts. Richard Thompson is president of Association of Professional Reserve Analysts and holds the Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA)™ designation, the highest credential in the reserve study industry.

The reserve study analyzes major repair and replacement needs like roofing and painting and provides a funding plan for accumulating money to perform this work when its needed. It is a fundamental planning tool that all homeowner associations need.  Continued

REGENESIS.NET is the world's largest homeowner association information resource and home of The HOA Expert™ Richard Thompson. He offers personalized solutions to the most complex HOA issues.  Discover innovative strategies designed to make HOA living the carefree experience it is intended to be using eternal principles

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Kudos for a great newsletter. Continue your good work. Florence Weber

You provide an excellent service and rate among the top 0.0009% as far as response time! Patti - Georgia



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